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if you looked at my DNA under a microscope it would look like this

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Yo but seriously if you think Romeo and Juliet is the worst couple to liken your relationship to, you’ve never met a couple who compare themselves to Joker and Harley

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So, you’re a Hufflepuff?
             Only on my better days.

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I get a sugar rush whenever I’m with you, you’re like nothing on the shelves of honeydukes, which may be filled with chocolate and sweets but I know, you got them beat.

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I don’t even care, Taylor Swift’s new song is so important.
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I realized too late that I wasn’t supposed to listen to Welcome to New York yet

So the damage is done there, and I feel a little bad, honestly, but I just have to say
“You can want who you want/boys and boys and girls and girls”
Made me cry a little.
It’s not much, but from an artist with strongly country roots, it’s everything. Helps me believe my favs have their hearts in the right place.

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30 Day DC Challenge (7/30)

        ↳Favorite Civilian: Maxine Gibson

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Once you first start noticing how often men will interrupt or talk over you if you’re a woman you can’t ever stop like every time i have a conversation with a man or participate in a class discussion i notice it and it’s honestly my biggest irritant

notice it and stop it. don’t let them talk over you. if they start, do not stop what you are saying and look them straight in the eye until they do. it should not be tolerated

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I just finished season 6, episode 12 of Parks for the first time

And it was beautiful. And I cried. And I don’t know what’s going to happen now, and I’m not sure I want to know.
I’m sure life goes on with and without Ann Perkins (and boyfriend and baby) for Leslie, and everyone else, but Ann and Leslie sitting on that bench in that soon to be park was perfect and beautiful and full circle and I am sad and happy and at peace with the story as it is now and if they HAD to move away, that was the perfect episode.

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