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i have no idea how to process this and i have no one whose opinion on these subjects i trust enough to talk to anymore

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Watching my favourite tv series or movie:


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that was an interesting phone call.
I don’t believe that this will be any less difficult, but I think I now believe I can do this.

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I miss you.

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it’s a brand new day (◡‿◡✿)

and the sun is high (◡‿◡✿)

all the birds are singing (◡‿◡✿)

that you’re gonna die (⊙‿⊙✿)

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reblog if girls are hella

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the last time i hung up on you it was february,
a year ago. i was tired and you were angry, and
now i guess i’m calling to ask how you’ve been since.
scratch that, that’s a lie, i’m calling to tell you
i think i might be sorry that it ended like it did,
except that doesn’t really sound like an apology.
okay, here’s the thing, i’m actually calling because
i think i’m falling for a girl i don’t even know
and you used to be good at my love life,
and i hoped you could tell me if this is even me
because you used to seem to know me too.

if you don’t already know, i’m sort of drunk,
and i’ve been writing down all the things i think
that i feel sorry for, and i wanted to tell you
until i realized i don’t have your number anymore.
okay, no, actually, i still know it by heart
but i wanted to ask you how long
it took you to delete mine from your phone,
and for how long you remembered it after that.
i didn’t think you would. you were always good
at forgetting the things you didn’t want to see.

i’m not calling because i miss you.
i’m not calling because i want you back,
and i know i don’t love you anymore.
i chose to walk away, but that doesn’t mean
it was ever easy. it doesn’t mean it was the way
i wanted it to be. i wish that it did.
i wish that it had been simple,
ordinary like water flowing from a tap,
a silver balloon floating into a blue sky.

i just want to tell you i cared.
i just want to tell you i had to stop loving you
because the voice in my head started sounding
like you. i had to stop loving you because it wasn’t
good, and we didn’t work anymore, and i was too tired
to fix anyone but myself.

i want to tell you i’m sorry that you couldn’t see that.
i’m sorry that i had to be the one to show you.
add this to the list of things for which i should apologize.
i really shouldn’t have called you.

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Sirius Black high-fiving Lily Evans every time she raises her hand in class.

Sirius asking James to high five her when he is too sick to come to class.

Remus Lupin doing it with a sigh and an immediate apology when neither Sirius or James is available.

Peter being overly enthusiastic about being asked to do it, and slapping Lily in the face by accident.

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bdsm except i strap you down and make you take vitamins and drink enough water and get enough sleep and cut toxic people out of your life and give you a hug and a massage and tell you what a strong person you are

The thing people don’t realise is this is BDSM at it’s best. It doesn’t have to be “I tie you up and have sex with you all day”.

THIS is a good BDSM relationship; like other healthy relationships it encourages the best out of both parties.

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#photoaday 31/365 Cup count got boring so I made a castle.

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